Comment savannah SNF 2010-11-08 08:49:08: pump replacement

jprovine at jprovine at
Mon Nov 8 08:49:09 PST 2010

i swapped the oil pump back on to savannah this morning (thanks to ted for getting me some fomblin 25/6).  over saturday night to sunday morning the dry pump got really loud and starting spewing particles back into the chamber.  i cleaned the chamber sunday morning, but without any depositions being run, the pump got much louder and more particle appeared in the chamber (that is the point i decided they were likely coming from the pump and not a user). 
this is the same oil pump we had on the system up until a month ago.  it has just returned from repair.
i'm pumping and baking with the oil pump now and will release the tool to users if the system passes a quick quality check.
thanks to yi-hsuan, ze, and wooshik for providing information about how the system was behaving over the weekend, and for alerting me asap when things were amiss.
a note on the particles:  these are not flakes of deposited material coming off the walls of the chamber, the particles were shards often more than a mm in size.  at first it looked some someone had a wafer shatter and did a shoddy job cleaning it up.

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