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J Provine jprovine at
Tue May 31 21:13:46 PDT 2011

joey et al,
you can wipe down the chamber with a dry tech cloth.  be careful of the
heat.  also be careful not to abraid the o-ring.  this can best be avoided
by not touching the o-ring with the wipe.

also you can use the house vacuum like for innotec (there is a vacuum port
next to the large 4100 rta machine across the aisle from savannah).  always
cover the vacuum tip with a clean wipe (with a hole opened in it).  make
sure only the clean wipe touches the chamber.

if you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about any of these instructions,
please do not try to clean the chamber.  instead ask for help.

i will be out of town at a conference from the morning of june 1 through
early on june 4th.  if i can make time to come in tonight, i'll clean the
chamber and recalibrate the pressure gauge before i go.  i'll note whatever
i manage to accomplish on coral.


On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 7:14 PM, <jcdoll at> wrote:

> i noticed some particles around the chamber edge after completing my run.
> either i've just never noticed them before or they're new. what's the
> preferred method for cleaning them out?
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