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J Provine jprovine at
Wed Aug 18 13:41:32 PDT 2010

hello everyone,
starting tomorrow you should see a dialog upon logout of the savannah on
coral.  the box asks you to enter whether the run was a process qual or a
user deposition.  almost always you will be doing a user deposition, as a
process qual is a specific run as outlined in the online documentation.  you
will also be required to enter what material you deposited and how many
cycles you ran of that material.  there are also non-mandatory box to enter
the measured thickness in A of your film and the a comments field.

a couple of brief points:
- if you do multiple runs of the same materials (venting in between), please
record the total number of cycles.
- if you run multiple types of films in a single enable, identify one of the
films, cycles, and thickness; but please outline what you did in all in the
comments section
- IMPORTANT: please only fill in the thickness if you measured it.  don't
put in guesses or desired thicknesses.
- you can go back to your run in the history on coral and update the
thickness after you have measured it so you don't need to wait to disable if
you want.

thanks for your help and i look forward to lots of high quality films and
high up time with all of you.
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