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J Provine jprovine at
Mon Oct 11 14:46:34 PDT 2010

hi everyone,
as has been anticipated somewhat the savannah system is now reserved
basically around the clock.  while i'm delighted to see it getting such
thorough usage i want to make sure it is being used efficiently and everyone
is getting a chance to run their experiments.  i'm planning on working with
bill murray to introduce some reservation limits on the system, and i want
your input on what would be best.

currently, i'm thinking of the following restrictions:
1) max reservation length of 4hours during 8am-5pm (aka "business hours")
2) total reservation amount of 12hours without prior approval.

what are your thoughts and suggestions about these restrictions or any
no changes will be made this week, but something will be in place by next
this is something that may be rescinded/changed after EE412, which is
contributing heavily to the usage, but hopefully the system will still be
getting such high usage.

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