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J Provine jprovine at
Wed Oct 13 10:48:33 PDT 2010

hi everyone,
if you recall from a previous email there are two most likely issues with
our continually increasing base pressure:
1) the pump (an oil based pump) is due for cleaning/check-up/refill
2) the pressure gauge needs to be recalibrated after all the deposition that
has gotten on it

in handling 1, the oil pump is out currently, and a temporary dry scroll
pump has replaced it.  the base pressure is at 160mTorr at 5sccm, which may
be the limit of the pump.  please be diligent in watching the base pressure
and its consistency.

i'm calibrating a new gauge and will compare that to the old gauge to see if
2 was a contributing factor.

i was unable to replicate the spurious pressure readings that both scott and
jason saw yesterday (10/12/2010), but that also points to pressure gauge
issues i think.  please let me know if you see anything like this going

jason, as you are monitoring titania deposition, can you send data about
titania dep rate vs base pressure (or date), please?

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