J Provine jprovine at
Tue Oct 19 11:21:54 PDT 2010

hi everyone,
1) thanks to john shott we have the reservation policies announced in place.
 please provide me with feedback.

2) despite the machine being booked solid, it is not being used full time
(check large open times on sunday and monday and today).  if you are
cancelling reservations, please email the list so that the system won't sit
idle when there are users that want to get some time.

some things i consider as good etiquette:
1) delete your reservation as soon as you know you cannot use it
2) if you are deleting your reservation less than 24 hours before it was
scheduled to begin - email the list announcing the time to be free.
3) show up for your reservation on time...if you know you will be late
please let the list know by email.

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