savannah back and test coat running

J Provine jprovine at
Thu Sep 9 15:52:37 PDT 2010

hi savannah users,
i replaced the fuse on the ebox and the savannah recovered nicely.  base
pressure is back to 80mTorr with 5sccm of flow.  the heaters are ramping
back up to process levels, at which point i'll do a chamber coat of 100A of
Al2O3.  at that point the system is free to run.  i'll do a qual run
tomorrow (friday).
also friday i'm going to pull the Zr precursor to install the newly arrived
HfO2 precursor.  we have a recipe that i have previously qualified on a
savannah S200 in cambridge, so HfO2 should be ready to test quickly.  i'll
be qualifying the HfO2 precursor over the next week, but if you want to try
a run, just let me know.

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