HfO2 installed & base pressure monitoring

J Provine jprovine at stanford.edu
Fri Sep 24 09:34:01 PDT 2010

hello savannah users,
two quick notes in case anyone misses the users group meeting this morning
(these have also been captured as comments on coral).
1) the base pressure has been rising over the last few weeks on the system.
 while it used to remain steady at 80mTorr, it is now around 130mTorr (for
5sccm flow).  this is likely a sign of the oring wearing out.  i have a new
one and will replace it over the weekend.  please remember to monitor and
watch that you reach the same base pressure after your run that you did
before your run.  this is the best way to check for leaks or issues.

2) a hafnia precursor has been installed and a first test on a HfO2 film has
been run.  everything looks in order and in conjunction with EE412
characterization runs are coming within the next week.  if you want to try
your luck pre-data collection i have reasonable confidence in the recipe
starting point because of having run it previously at cambridge nanotech.
 there is no standby recipe listed yet, but i can provide the development
recipe for use upon request.

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