ALD updates (savannah, fiji-l, and fiji-r) and ALD Spring Retreat

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Thu Feb 17 18:26:16 PST 2011

hi all,
back again with a fast update on the fiji permitting status*.

the county has declined to rule on the permit application submitted in
december 2010.  this not that they are saying "no" or "yes" just that they
are not responding.  the fire marshall's office would like to have a
standardized template for permit applications submitted.  in the long run
this will be great for snf because it will make clear the necessary elements
of a good application and hopefully the equipment permitting process.  in
the short term it means that this template must be generated and submitted
to the fire marshall's office.  john shott made a first cut today and
various stanford fire and eh&s folks and roger and i will be tackling this
to see what can be added.  the effort is on to turn this around quickly (as
soon as the beginning of next week), so that the clock can start to tick on
the fire marshall's office again.

while i'm sure this news latest is frustrating, we must do our best to meet
this new challenge as quickly and thoroughly as possible so that researchers
can get access to the fiji.  i'll keep you updated as things progress.


*whether you believe it or not, i update you with all real news as it comes
in (sparing everyone innuendo, rumor, and hearsay).  how infrequently and
sparingly you hear an update on fiji permitting from me is exactly how
infrequently i hear from any source.

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 10:57 AM, J Provine <jprovine at> wrote:

> Hello all,
> a brief update on ald status in the snf.
> *Savannah*
> the savannah is running well and fully functional.  Al2O3, HfO2, ZrO2, and
> TiO2 are performing as demonstrated last year.  currently the TMA pulses for
> Al2O3 Standard recipe are much larger than necessary and i'm adjusting the
> recipe to waste less TMA once i verify that the performance (optical and
> electrical) of the deposited film is unchanged by shortening the TMA pulse
> duration.
> when i get the chance i'm working with the new ammonia line to check on TiN
> deposition also, but this has been somewhat slow going currently.
> the savannah website has been significantly updated with more
> characterization data (Al2O3 published - TiO2, HfO2, ZrO2 still to be
> uploaded) and updated instructions to reflect the new ammonia line and new
> lessons learned.  i strongly encourage all savannah users to (re)read the
> website to ingest these changes:
> *Fiji-l & Fiji-r*
> We still have no news from the permit proposal we submitted to the fire
> marshall's office in mid-december.  no rejection, no approval.  a request
> for additional information was met by John Shott several weeks ago.  this
> means the fire marshall's has not met its own timeline of replying within 15
> business days by a long shot.  snf staff is applying regular contact to
> encourage response.  we remain optimistic with extreme caution.
> *ALD Spring Retreat 2011*
> Cambridge Nanotech is hosting a workshop on ALD at Stanford march 14 and
> 15th.  more information and registration can be found here:
> this is not a sales meeting or pitch, but instead an open exchange of ALD
> knowledge and ideas.  there is a registration fee that includes lunch and
> dinner for monday.
> An agenda is attached (some time slots may move, but the speakers are set).
> Finally, the ald user group meeting for snf which is bi-weekly fridays at
> 10am in allen cancelled for february 18 because i need to be in
> berkeley that morning for a meeting.  see you march 4th.
> thanks,
> j
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