ALD updates (savannah, fiji-l, and fiji-r)

J Provine jprovine at
Mon Jan 3 15:12:53 PST 2011

Hello all,
happy new year.  a brief update on ald in the snf before the lab comes back
online tomorrow morning.

The chamber clean has not been completed yet.  the new backplate to enclose
the pump and precursor region for the savannah also needs to be installed.
 jim haydon and i were not able to get these completed over the holiday
shutdown, as such the savannah will stay offline for this week (january 4-9)
but is scheduled to be tested and released for use on monday morning the
10th.  your patience with this short extension of the shutdown is

also in this week, i pledge to complete the update to the savannah wiki page
to incorporate the excellent data from last quarter's EE412 group and some
other improvements in the materials for the system.  I'll send out another
email once i finish the update.  I highly encourage all users and potential
users to (re)read the material carefully and thoroughly.

The county fire marshall received our latest and most thorough permit
request on December 14.  they promise a response in 15 business days, so
depending on how many days of vacation they county takes around Christmas
and New Years we should be hearing back very soon and I'll update this list
again with that news.  In the meantime, I'm finishing up some early Fiji
documentation for the snf website.  if the permit is granted we have an
inspection and acceptance test to preform before beginning user training and
process development.  as the information arrives i'll keep everyone apprised
with quick updates.

if you or any students you know would be interested in ALD development
projects through EE412 in the winter quarter, please get ahold of me asap.
 I would like to have the projects organized as soon as possible.

Thank you.  questions are always welcome.
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