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J Provine jprovine at
Wed Jan 19 10:47:47 PST 2011

hi all,
cambridge nanotech sent a replacement part for the substrate heater
overnight.  it arrived just now.  i'm in meetings most of the day, but i'll
grab time in the snf when i can to start assembling the chamber.  this is
the sequence of events:

1) install new substrate heater
2) assemble chamber
3) leak check (first with system pump and then with He leak checker
4) bake out (this is several hours) to get the chamber hot and drive off
moisture that collected.
5) test deposition (thursday morning)
6) release the tool to others & start training the backlog of new users (be
willing to let the new users shadow you - they will also be shadowing me for
the test runs)

of course each step has to be successful for the next step to be enacted.
 i'll keep you updated as this progresses.
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