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Thu Jan 20 15:43:01 PST 2011

hi everyone,
from the list below here is the update.
1) install new substrate heater (DONE)
2) assemble chamber (DONE)
3) leak check system pump (DONE) and He leak checked (DONE)
still to come
5) test deposition

unfortunately there is an issue with the connection on one of the substrate
heaters.  jim haydon and i were able to work out a temporary solution that i
believe is ok.  i'll be checking the system throughout bake out and get info
from cambridge nanotech to make sure our solution is feasible.  i am not
comfortable with leaving the system unattended in its current state and will
not release it to users as is.  i know some folks are up against some tough
time crunches and so unless i found out our current heater solution is not
functioning, i will help people run the system until a permanent fix can be
figured out.

however, i am away at the MEMS conference from sunday morning until thursday
evening and if a solution can not be found before i leave the system will be
left offline in my absence until a permanent solution can be figured out.

so starting this evening at 10pm and running until saturday at 10pm is 48
hours of potential deposition.  remember the tool has just come back online
so a test deposition is not just recommended but required for whatever film
you are running.  respond to this email requesting slots letting me know
what deposition you need and the urgency and available times.

for those awaiting training, it does not make sense to me to train you on
the tool in its current state.  i am sorry for the continued delay, but i
believe everyone would prefer a functioning and safe system instead of just
one they can use.  since the only remaining problem is this one heater, i am
hopeful that this can be resolved asap.

more updates as they become available.

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 10:47 AM, J Provine <jprovine at> wrote:

> hi all,
> cambridge nanotech sent a replacement part for the substrate heater
> overnight.  it arrived just now.  i'm in meetings most of the day, but i'll
> grab time in the snf when i can to start assembling the chamber.  this is
> the sequence of events:
> 1) install new substrate heater
> 2) assemble chamber
> 3) leak check (first with system pump and then with He leak checker
> 4) bake out (this is several hours) to get the chamber hot and drive off
> moisture that collected.
> 5) test deposition (thursday morning)
> 6) release the tool to others & start training the backlog of new users (be
> willing to let the new users shadow you - they will also be shadowing me for
> the test runs)
> of course each step has to be successful for the next step to be enacted.
>  i'll keep you updated as this progresses.
> j
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