change in plan for precursors

J Provine jprovine at
Wed Mar 23 10:55:32 PDT 2011

hello all,
apologies for the sudden change in plans.  i found out today that the switch
to the house ammonia line has been delayed extensively by administrative
issues.  with that in mind and because of the interest of several users i
turned the ammonia back on from the lecture bottle source.  i'm doing a test
deposition currently, and will do another longer one tonight.  with this in
mind i have pushed back the beginning of experiments on yttria.  (jenny,
please get ahold of me to make yttria plans.)

the precursors are currently
0       ammonia (lecture bottle)
1       TDMA-Ti
2       TDMA-Hf
3       diethylzinc
4       trimethylaluminum
5       water

again i am sorry to reverse course, but i expected the ammonia line to be
worked on this week and next.

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