ALD updates (savannah, fiji-l, and fiji-r)

J Provine jprovine at
Wed May 11 16:21:21 PDT 2011

hi everyone,
every indication is that the county fire marshall has finally granted a
permit for operation of the fiji system.  i've gone on the record in the
past as saying that once the permit is granted it will be roughly a month to
get the system ready for users.  the next steps are inspection by the fire
marshall's office and an acceptance test performed by cambridge nanotech.
 so i'll keep you updated as things progress, but tentatively the fiji could
be ready for use june 11, 2011

fire marshall's inspection:  we have a couple of interlocks to put in place
before this, but we are trying to schedule the inspection soon.
after the inspection is passed we can proceed with the acceptance test.
 cambridge nanotech will be on site to demonstrate alumina and hafnia films
in both chambers with water, o2 plasma, and ozone (only on fiji-l).  if all
these films are acceptably deposited then the tool is ours and we will begin
developing additional recipes and training users.  training will be similar
to the savannah.

more details as they become available.  reminder that if you have ald
questions, the best time to ask is during my office hours (wed 4-6pm or
friday 9-11am in allen 127x).

take care,
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