Slippery floor near the Savannah ...

John Shott shott at
Mon Aug 6 22:10:49 PDT 2012

Savannah Users:

Earlier this evening, Woo Shik reported that the floor is slippery in 
front of the Savannah.  I believe that it is due to leakage from the 
little pump in the base of the cabinet, but that is not yet fully confirmed.

Woo Shik did a nice job of putting barrier tape in front of the machine 
and I added a few warning signs.  I also put down some absorbent pads 
immediately in front of the machine and then tried to remove some of the 
slipperiness in the surrounding area by wiping with methanol soaked 
wipes.  I think that it is better now, but still deserves more serious 
investigation in the morning.

I see no reason to shutdown the machine as it appears to be pumping 
normally, oil is still above the minimum level, and I see no indications 
of a massive leak.  However, the floor of the cabinet does have some oil 
on it.  I suggest that once this is cleaned up, we acquire a baking pan 
of the appropriate size with ~3/4" high sidewalls to put underneath the 
pump on the floor of the cabinet.  Oil pumps should always have some 
form of leak containment under them because they WILL develop leaks.  As 
a secondary issue, I did not see a clear label on or near the pump 
indicating whether it is filled with fomblin (and, if so, what weight) 
or whether it is filled with white oil.  While I suspect that it is 
fomblin and it feels more like fomblin to me, it should be clearly 
labeled so that we know for certain.

Particularly for those folks who may be using the savannah later this 
evening, please be very careful near the machine because of possible 
slipperiness on the floor.  Please walk very carefully in this area as 
if you were walking on ice: take short steps and place your feet 
carefully.  While I believe that the floor is now significantly less 
slippery than it was earlier, it is best to be cautious.  Please note 
any further problems but please be more careful than usual when 
loading/unloading wafers, typing at the keyboard, etc.



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