Shutdown sem4160 SNF 2008-03-22 14:31:59: cannot unload sample

raneeyoo at raneeyoo at
Sat Mar 22 14:32:00 PDT 2008

I cannot take out the sample stage from the chamber.
It is in the exchange position w/ LCK sign.
It seems the stage is not in the right position somehow.
After loading my sample, when I tried to move the Z position to 10mm using the command.  At the time, the stage moved strangely, so I moved the z back to 30mm, which is the exchange position.  And then, I moved it to 10mm.  At the time, it looked OK.
But, some how it is weird.  So I followed the shutdown peocedure.
The sample stage is in the exchange position.
I turned off the beam, closed the SC airlock valve, opened the SEC valve, and inserted the rod.  Up to now, it seems OK.  But, when I tried to screw the rod, I cannot screw the rod tightly.  And then, when I pulled the rod, the sample stage did not come out with the rod.
I closed the SEC valve and leave the SEM in vacuum.
Vacuum is fine.
I shutdowned the tool and sent email to James and Ted.
My sample still is in the SEM.
Please unload my sample into the wafer cassette on the table.

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