Problem sem4160 SNF 2009-04-23 20:16:03: image moving

James Conway jwc at
Fri Apr 24 08:57:09 PDT 2009

Good Morning Users:

If you are not slow, gentle, and kind in your translations of this older 
SEM stage it will induce backlash and binding of the sliders that 
control the X-Y axis.

It is recommended for smooth uniform motion and not to have tension 
resulting in shifting of your image to initially start the motion very 
slowly and then once you observe motion only then accelerate to speed.

Subsequently if you still see the stage moving in small increments just 
gently move back and forth a very small amount on that axis to remove 
the tension...

This is very common practice in the older Hitachi and other SEM 
manufactured during that era.

If you still have problems please make an appointment with me.

The next time we open the Specimen Chamber to air for maintenance we 
will check the stage motion out and adjust the mechanical adjustments on 
this stage.

Thank you for you Coral Problem report.

James Conway

rostam at wrote:
> The image on the monitor is moving/shifting to the right constantly
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