Problem sem4160 SNF 2010-01-14 11:22:51: User used razor blade and scrapping to remove sticky dots

jwc at jwc at
Thu Jan 14 11:22:53 PST 2010

I am very disturbed to discover a User had scrapped off the carbon dots off the sample holder pallet using the razor blade creating significant amounts of Al filings and debris in the load lock.
In addition I found the small numbers N+ # 1 - 10 on the sample holder that had been scribed in with a scriber.  This may have happed previously -- I am not sure.
Cleaned and removed all particles from the sample holder. The teflon guide rails leading into the chamber rails, the transfer rod and all interior sealing surfaces for the load Lock door.
Lubricated inside and outside on the transport arm with Apezion L

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