Comment sem4160 SNF 2011-08-20 00:13:02: SEC Pumpdown problem

shott at shott at
Sat Aug 20 12:57:13 PDT 2011

Andrew Graham resolved this problem.  He found carbon dots attached to the O-ring.
Here is his message:
Hi Donguk,
I found the paper backside of one of the carbon sticky dots stuck to the O-ring on the part underneath the stage.  Once I removed it, it pumped down just fine. 
This should be a good reminder to all users as to why it's important to clean up any mess you might make (I found about 6 of those paper dots on top of the SEC).  It can and (based on Donguk's experience) does get in the way of other users ability to use equipment. 
Happy SEM'ing everyone,

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