Comment sem4160 SNF 2011-12-03 12:35:48: Allen key wrench missing for vertical holders

jwc at jwc at
Tue Dec 13 11:47:13 PST 2011

Item One :
Cleaned up under system enclosure panels and the sem4160 area below the system under the raised floor, I located two allen keys of 0.9 to 1.0 mm size and several cross section holders. 
However I did not see the two larger 25 mm cross section mounts that are now presumed to have been taken by careless Users.
Item Two:
Check resolution based on two user reports and found the movable aperture strip had been translated hard to its outer Y stop and was not in fact going into the holes on the multi hole aperture strip.  recentered and adjusted for all holes in strip.
Item Three:  Normal adjustments to optimize system before shutdown.
Aligned the gun section magnetically, then the upper and lower aperture strips and all column control sections are now working. Superb resolution for this age of tool.  smallest feature resolved on the order of 3 - 5 nm Au on Carbon quantifoil sample.  checked at 5 keV and 30 keV
Four:  Make note to test inflate and if required reseal the vibration isolation mounts that the main chamber is mounted upon to reduce vibration from external sources.

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