Problem sem4160 SNF 2011-01-26 11:07:06: unacceptable imaging brightness and resolution

jwc at jwc at
Wed Feb 2 11:53:04 PST 2011

Changes to Gun cable and anything else performed did help improve resolution and brightness of this tool.
 but still RES. is a factor or two to three over the system specifications.
resolution found today at 150 and 300 kX Mag.
5 KV apt 3 at 11 mm WD = 15 to 20 nm min. resolvable feature (FWHM 50% on Sn on Au std.)
10KV apt 3 at 11 mm WD = 14 nm 
10 KV apt 4 at 11 mm WD = 10 - 12 nm 
Still desire to have a full column PM performed:
New FE-Gun Tip and inspection of ceramic mount,
clean aperture liner tube and install new apertures (2 or 3?) 
New 4 hole aperture strip 
clean final aperture and inspect pole piece for debris.
Stage needs to be tightened up in both axis with significant shift in  X, i.e.,  drift and skate during HRes. imaging above 150KX. making all CD measurements difficult.
Most Users will be happy returning to the system.  ready for all users today

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