Problem sem4160 SNF 2011-01-26 11:07:06: unacceptable imaging brightness and resolution

jwc at jwc at
Wed Jan 26 11:07:07 PST 2011

Good morning,
Curernt state of the tool is poor for brightness and resolution.  evaluation of min resolvable features at 30 keV acc.voltage can only resolve to 32 nm line and space at 5 mm in X and ~ 44 nm in Y axis for slow scans (spped No 4)  normal resolution for both axis is on the order of 6 to 9 nm at any acc. voltage. system specification is less than 3.5 nm.
Time for a complete PM after resolving the extraction voltage and emmission problems in the curcuit or board level.  This may simply be that the FE-Tip has reached the end of its useful life as we can neither flash the tip or obtain an image at lower extraction voltages.
noted: I cannot obtain a stable beam current reading off the stage BNC grounding plug using my picoammeter.  I tested this meter on the RAITH 150 last Friday and it is in proper calibration and working properly.
Please request  firld service for this tool to maintain Happy Users. 

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