Hummer! Read this

charley charley at
Thu Aug 14 14:01:40 PDT 2003

    Hi, Folks
    Our illustrious Hummer has sputtered through another target. I have
on the web and phone trying to get our guy to sell us another gold
target for
200 bucks-others sell them for 500. He's not coming through, so I
have put my Platinum target in for now. This will cause no difference in
SEMs. One user wasn't sure it was good for his process. It has nothing
to do with your process, as it will NOT be used in your process! The
Hummer is for coating SEM specimens ONLY. Never is it to be used for
metal dep as a process step! There are metal dep machines in the lab.
no circumstances will you use it for contacts, metal layers, etc. One
such dep
will just about use our whole target, rendering the SEMs useless for
most of
us. If you see this being done, let me know. Users do risk being taken
the permit list if they don't comply with our simple rules. Behave! I'm

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