New proceedure

charley charley at
Thu Jun 26 16:54:08 PDT 2003

    Hi, folks,
    There is a copy of the revised operating proceedure for the 4160 on
of the machine. Nope, it's not longer. I made a few revisions suggested
users. Please let me know if there is something unclear in there or
that needs to be changed. You're the critics since you use the
Don't you? Of course. The feedback has been very good and you have
corrected some dumb mistakes for me. Thanks to all who helped, keep up
the good work.
    The only real difference is in the photo proceedure when using the
image capture system. You don't need to use "Photo" mode on the SEM at
all. TV scan in the 'slow' mode will give you very clear images on the
without going to any photo mode at all. Photo mode instructions are
valid for film usage. You remember film don't you?
    Use 64 frames of integration or maybe 256.

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