Sticky Dots!

Charley charley at
Tue Sep 23 10:28:39 PDT 2003

    Hi Folks,
    Due to the large consumption of sticky dots, I'll put the website
here and the
part number. They're inexpensive and you should be buying your own
anyway.... is the place, and they have almost anything you can
imagine for
SEMs, etc. The relevant part number is:


     These are the 9mm dia dots. There doesn't seem to be a spec for the
a problem we've run into on the E-beam. If the dots are too thick, you
wind up with
the 602 laser height finder error.
    If you use a credit card, and ask them to Fedex your dots, you can
have them
in a day or so.
    Do NOT use anything but these dots. There is a lot of stuff that
sounds good
on their site, like copper tape. Nope! Dots only!

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