All Users are requested to not adjust the upper movable apertures on these columns.

James Conway jwc at
Thu Aug 21 14:50:43 PDT 2008

Greetings /semhitachi /and /sem4160 /Users:

*Users are requested to not translate the upper movable aperture on 
either of the SEM columns.*
 This is called the Beam Monitor Control aperture and its function is to 
monitor the beam current at that aperture during SEM operations on the 
tools.  Often Users will see the BMC button flashing as emission of the 
FE-Tip falls below a specific set point (~ -20% delta Emission 
Current).  You can bring the emission back up to the 10 µA set point 
simply by pressing the 'HV ON' button again without shutting the beam down.

The lower movable aperture strip called the Beam Alignment Aperture,  it 
can be translated by any User to align the Beam to the center of the 
aperture resulting in no image shift as you change working distance (focus).

If you are unsure, confused, or just need help, please see James Conway 
during any training session on these tools, or visit me during my office 
hour.  Tuesday - Friday 8:30 - 9:30 AM daily.

Thank you for your interest in Ebeam technologies here at SNF!

James Conway

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