Virus on sem4160 image capture computer

James Conway jwc at
Wed Jul 30 13:56:38 PDT 2008

Thank you for your report!
This seems odd as that this computer has never been on any network.

Will take a look at this item when I have some time....



Nahid Harjee wrote:
> James,
> I believe that there's a virus on the sem4160 image capture computer. 
> This morning I copied images I took last night onto a USB key. I 
> noticed that in addition to my images, two unwanted files (autorun.inf 
> and <>) also appeared on the key. A 
> quick Google search shows that these are related to spyware. Just 
> thought you should know.
> nh
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> Nahid Harjee
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> Electrical Engineering
> Stanford University
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