semhitachi training

James Conway jwc at
Fri Nov 14 09:40:06 PST 2008

Yes -- If you desire to really get  great images in cross section views 
of your thin film samples semhitachi is the way to go.  We have special 
cross section holder for chips and pieces that has the correct angle of 
view for that stage.  Resolution is similar but slightly less than on 
the sem4160. With careful stigmation and focusing you can easily resolve 
down to roughly 120 to 160 Angstrom features.

Look forward to seeing all interested for a special SEM application 
session examining cross sections in semhitachi n Monday November 17, 
2008 between 3:00 and 5:00 PM.

Thank you,

James Conway

Jaeho Lee wrote:
> Hi James, 
> Thanks for the training the other day with SEM4160. Now I think I'd have to get a training for semhitachi as well. Because I want to get a clear picture of crosetinoal view for my wafer, I believe semhitachi would do the work, right? 
> Please arrange me with a traning for semhitachi.
> My coral ID is zeost. 
> Thanks, 
> Jaeho 
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