ALL USERS: Please be careful in your operations on the tool.

James Conway jwc at
Wed Aug 19 09:09:53 PDT 2009

Good Morning SEM4160 Users,

Users are requested to be more careful during operations on SEM4160 with 
regards to mechanical translation to the movable aperture settings.
Recently users coming onto the system are discovering the movable 
aperture strip controls have been translated beyond the normal range of 
motion, and the ebeam is no longer impinging through any aperture.  This 
results in a dim image and little to no acceptable resolution. Other 
times users are encountering the beam alignment itself is far off center 
and they cannot obtain an initial SEM image coming onto the system.

While we make every effort to ensure that all Users qualified to use the 
tool have been trained to find and align the emission spot for gun 
alignment, and align the movable apertures for aperture alignment; some 
users trained in the past may not have had these specific items covered 
in detail.  Users whom have been away from the tool for some time may 
simply need a refresher on the SEM4160 operations.
My next SEM4160 training session is scheduled for next Wednesday August 
26th, 2009 from 10 - 12:30 AM.  All interested parties are welcome to 
attend any all or part of this training.

Finally I would like to remind everyone, when working on any tool at 
SNF, that should you ever become unsure about an operations procedure, 
become concerned, worried, or even terrified on any tool -- simply stop 
what you are doing and seek out that assistance of any experienced 
qualified user or SNF staff member whom will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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Subject: 	Problem sem4160 SNF 2009-08-18 17:36:37: aperture strip 
misaligned mechanicaly to the selection numbers
Date: 	Tue, 18 Aug 2009 17:36:37 -0700
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New User issues from user working over the weekend...
the movable aperture strip is misaligned mechanically to the selection numbers and is not going through any hole nor can I find them.
Ted may be more successful in finding the holes or the strip may be replaced.
Users are requested to not force or run out the alignment knobs to or beyond the mechanical stops.
Currently we do not have any suitable resolution for imaging on this tool.  

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