Hummer V Sputterer Target

James W. Conway jwc at
Wed Apr 14 10:26:50 PDT 2010

The cathode currently in the hummer is a Pd target.  It is very old but 
will give good contrast in SEM images.   The films can be removed with 
KI:I Au anodic etch.  My current plan is to run all the old targets 
until they are absolutely useless before considering any replacements.
I have stopped providing new Au targets for this tool due to minority of 
Users whom had used this system to coat eye ware and other non-SEM 
Which metal would you prefer if I were to order a target?  Note SNF does 
not have any funds for these items at this time. Targets are $600 to 
$3000 USD!

All the Best,


Nathan K wrote:
> James,
> I was looking to coat an SEM sample with gold using the Hummer V, but 
> noticed that the target film appears to be entirely sputtered away.  I 
> think that people have even been sputtering the film holder, because 
> everything is coated in a silver-colored metal layer rather than the 
> normal gold-colored layer.  Has the target been replaced with 
> something other than gold, or is it possible to replace the target?  
> Thank you for your help.
> Nathan Klejwa

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