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John Shott shott at
Mon Dec 4 20:21:50 PST 2000

SNF Advisory Committee Members:

As Jim and Greg have both suggested that it may be useful to continue to
discuss matters related to SNF via e-mail, I have taken the liberty of
establishing a mailing list and subscribed each member on both Jim's and
Greg's e-mail message to that list.  The "official" address is:

snf-adcom at

I know that I have a hard time remembering to include everyone if my "To:
list" exceeds 2 people ... while I won't presume that any of you are subject
to similar frailities, I thought that it might be useful to have a list of
this type.

As Greg requested, I will generate a spread sheet that attempts to summarize
equipment usage, downtime, etc. on a per-equipment basis.  I'm sure that there
will be some interesting things to discuss on a table of that sort. 
Additionally, as equipment availability and uptime are clearly central to the
success of this operation, I will work to automate the generation of summary
data of this sort on a monthly basis (or whatever interval seems most
worthwhile) both so that Dick can use it as a barometer of "how we are doing"
and the faculty advisory committee can peruse it as they wish.



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