RAITH Training Course and Hitachi Move

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jul 18 11:08:09 PDT 2001


Below is a meesage I sent off to a few of your concerning the Raith

From Pease " Also I hear there is a plan to move the Hitachi ebl control
racks. Last time this was done  we were down for months."

Gee, I thought it was pretty clear from our previous meeting that there is
no way the Raith is going into L-104 without Hitachi ebl control racks
being moved. The plan is to shut down the Hitachi e-beam for 10 days (
hopefully 7 days will be enough) in September. At that time the Hitachi
ebl racks will be moved and the utilities for the Raith and full wafer
Hitachi SEM will be installed. If there is an objection to this plan, we
need to find a new room for either the Raith or SEM. Yes, there was a
cable damaged in the last move that took sometime to find. Hopefully, we
learned something from that experience so it will not happen again. We
welcome all help in planning this move.

> All,
> I received the following Raith training course info last week. I talked to
> Plummer about this on Friday at the weekly SNF staff mtg. He suggested
> that we sign up for one slot now and determine who should attend later.
> What do you think? 
> Here is the breakdown of the course (Sept. 24 to 28) from their site.
> 1st day: General information on e-beam lithography, electron-substrate
> interaction, e-beam column setup, e-beam system setup.....
> 2nd day: Single level lithography with practical examples, Sample
> alignment......... 
> 3rd day: Writing field calibration, manual Mix&Match of e-beam lithography
> and optical patterns....... 
> 4th day: How to work using the Laserstage....... 
> 5th day: How to setup Automatic Alignment and Mix&Match.
> Do we have someone to work with Raith to get the system going when
> it arrives? If we do, that is the person for the course. Time permitting,
> I will help out until we have someone on board. 
> 			Jim 	
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> Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:49:52 +0200
> From: "[iso-8859-1] \"Brüggemann, Brigitte\"" <BBrueggemann at Raith.de>
> To: "'jmcvittie at stanford.edu'" <jmcvittie at Stanford.EDU>
> Subject: RAITH Lithography Training Course
> July 13, 2001
> Dear User and Customer of RAITH lithography systems,
> We are pleased  to announce our 2nd  USER TRAINING COURSE on RAITH
> lithography systems from September 24 to 28, 2001 at RAITH Headquarter,
> Dortmund, Germany.
> The training will cover aspects of all lithography systems - ELPHY Quantum,
> ELPHY Plus, RAITH50 and RAITH150 - and it is targeted for all
> -  who start using RAITH Lithography  systems soon 
> -  who are working on a current system or software platform and 
> -  who would like to see in which way current RAITH products can be used at
> optimum.
> Please consult us, if you want to confirm your software version. 
> Fore more details on the schedule, visit our web page
> www.raith.de/cataloguePages/15.training.fm4.htm
> To make the training efficient, we would like to limit the number of
> attendees to 10 people at maximum. So if you are interested, please return
> this e-mail with your registration (see below)
> until August 24, 2001 at latest.
> We look forward to meeting you in September.
> Best regards
> Brigitte Brueggemann
> ======================================================================
> September 24 - 28, 2001:
> Name:
> Inst./Company:
> City:
> Dept:
> Phone:
> Fax:
> Email:
> I would like to register for 
> full five days course 	yes/no		DM 2.500	or	
> first 3 days		yes/no		DM 1.500	or
> last 2 days		yes/no		DM 1.000  (plus VAT, if applicable)
> Each fee includes lunches, but no hotel accommodation.  This, of course, can
> be arranged
> by us.
> Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, if cancellation is received until
> September 7, 2001 we will 
> refund  100%, after that date a cancellation fee of DM 300 will be applied.
> ======================================================================

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