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Jim Plummer plummer at
Wed Jul 18 21:42:58 PDT 2001

	I agree that we should talk about this. The key issue, I 
think, is that the SNF by itself will likely not be able to recruit 
or retain a Ph.D. level person for this role (I presume you have in 
mind someone like Mark McCord). Mark was hired by Fabian to work in 
his group, and the SNF gladly picked up half his salary to work on 
e-beam related issues in the lab. But I think the primary motivator 
for Mark coming to Stanford was working with Fabian, not the job in 
the SNF. So if we want to recruit someone like him, we'll need a plan 
for this person to join a research group, work with Ph.D. students 
etc, in order to be successful.
	There may be other options, but that's the best chance I know of.


At 12:26 PM +0200 7/18/01, James Harris wrote:
>I received a copy of the notice about the Raith training and think 
>one of the key issues we should address at this meeting is getting a 
>high level e-beam writing/SEM staff person to manage and train 
>students on both the current and new e-beam facilities we are now 
>See you at the meeting.
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