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So the schoolmaster was notinvited to the Mill House again. The miller came up from the mill to lifthis wife into the carriage.
None of the heavy work of a bigcountry house was put upon Till. The Albert Horn, built for the slave trade, had two decks.
He reached down to the hearthfor another biscuit.
He could not only shoe and doctor horses; he built good carts andwagons. Youre the master here, and Im the miller. Colberts departure for town, Till feltlonely and downcast. The Captain of the Albert Horn was not a brutal man, and his vesselwas a model slaver.
Jezebel was brought up in heavy irons for his inspection. Runnin down all times a-day and night, carryin bokaysto him.
And he respected anybodywho could take a flogging like that without buckling. Theyve had moisture up here, Miss Sapphy would remark cheerfully. Yesm, Ise resigned, the old woman whispered. In the basement underneath, the country day school waskept. It had once been dark green, but time and weather hadput a dull gold cast into it. How much, she wondered,did each wish to conceal from the other?
The Captain of the Albert Horn was not a brutal man, and his vesselwas a model slaver. Nancy, crouching in a corner, broke out with a startled cry and ranto the foot of the bed. This mill farm on Back Creek had never been home to Till. She was toothless, and her black skin had taken on agreyish cast. Tap wasone of the mill-hands, but he loved to wait on ladies.
Bushwells interest was in the stables; she left themanagement of the house entirely to Matchem.
Sheliked, as she said to herself, to live among folks, not amongpoor farmers and backwoods people.
An him de goodkind man to every nigger on de place.
As he walked up and down, smoking his pipe,he looked her well over.
Matchem had taught her to value position.
Theres not a man on the place can tend theshrubs like you did. 
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