PQuest etcher status

Randall True true at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 18 10:47:01 PST 2003

SNF Management,

There continues to be disagreement about what exactly the status of the
Plasma Quest etcher. As I understand it, the tool was purchased by the
Yamamoto group many years ago, and in exchange for making it availible to
all lab users, the facilitization and maintenance was to be performed by

I have been developing a process using the PQuest for the last 2 years.
Use of the PQuest for non-III-V etching is crucial to my work and that of
others. Can you please clarify the siutation and answer a couple of

1) At this point, who "owns" the Pquest? It is listed on the website along
with all of the other equipment and as far as I know, every other tool is
owned by SNF.

2) Who has the ultimate authority in making policy decisions about the

3) Is it possible to restrict the use of the PQuest only to III-V etching,
even excluding current non-III-V processes that have been demonstrated to
be compatible with III-V etching? Or the corollary: Does SNF guarantee
that the Pquest will remain availible to industrial users for non-III-V
processes, at least ones that are currently approved, at least for the
current 3 days a week?

4) Would SNF permit a situation where members of the Harris and Yamomoto
Groups are allowed to run non-III-V etching processes but other users are

Thank you for your attention,
Randy True

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