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His impurity analysis seems to be too good if one assumed standard
detectivity levels. In our best Si wafers with our best cleaning
procedures, we always see impurities above the detectivity level.
My conclusion is that is that their measure method was not up industrial
standards and is not meaningful. Holding him to the same standard as we
use for everyobne else, I want to see results from Charles Evans or have
him do his run just before the tube is clean.  What do you say Mike?


Mary Tang wrote:

> Hello SpecMat'ers --
> Shabbir was asking about the status of his SpecMat request to process
> diamond-coated wafers in the nitride tube.  I had a chat with him and
> learned more about what he wants.  He wants a smooth, dense nitride
> film on top of his wafers (so PECVD nitride will not do.)  I asked him
> if he had any information from the vendor about the quality of the CVD
> diamond film, and this is what he has provided.  Is this adequate to
> approve processing of these wafers in tylannitride?
> Mary
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> Hi Mary,Here's the certification for our CVD diamond vendor.  I hope
> this will satisfy your needs.Shabbir.
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> Subject: Impurity levels in P1 CVD diamond
> Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 13:06:22 -0800
> From: "Michael Pinneo" <mpinneo at p1diamond.com>
> To: <Shabbir_Bashar at Group4Labs.com>
> CC: "John Herb" <jaherb at p1diamond.com>
> To whom it may concern:
> These comments concern non-carbon elemental impurity levels in CVD
> diamond materials made using plasma CVD in P1 Diamond deposition
> systems.
> The materials exposed to the deposition process are aluminum (chamber
> walls), molybdenum (substrate holder), and fused silica (observation
> windows).
> X-ray fluorescence tests done at FermiLab in 2001 on samples of our CVD
> diamond showed no metal or oxygen impurities above the detection limit
> of one part per million.  Silicon was found in the samples at
> concentrations less than 10ppm.
> Based on these results, P1's CVD diamond films meet or exceed
> requirements for designation as CMOS Grade or Electronic Grade
> materials.
> Sincerely,
> Michael Pinneo, Ph.D.
> P1 Diamond, Inc.
> 3571 Leonard Court
> Santa Clara, CA  95054
> 408-567-9684 x103
> 408-567-9685  fax
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