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Hello SpecMat'ers --

I'm just summarizing requests for Oct., and I don't think we ever
officially resolved this one...  So, what's the verdict?


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Hi Jim --

I just spoke with Shabbir about his Ge substrate processing request in
epi.  His Ge is straight from the vendor and he proposes that the first
step (after cleaning) be the Ge epi.  The second part (which has not
been developed, much less approved through SpecMat) is a process in
which Si is bonded to the Ge substrate, then smart cut off, leaving a Ge
layer on Si.  He says it's all "clean" processing even at this point.
Then, he would like to put epi Ge on this substrate.

I know nothing about the smart cut process for Ge, but it would seem to
me that the first part of his process might be acceptable in epi,
provided the clean is carefully defined (where it is to be done and what
kind of decontamination precautions are needed.)

What do you think and how does this sound to you?


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