UV-NIL New Process Request

Edward Myers emyers at genorx.com
Fri Nov 14 15:23:12 PST 2003

New Materials Request Board,

GenoRx has committed to a program on the evaluation NanoImprint Lithography.  UV-NIL has the potential to be very critical to our company and has become a high priority.  It is our objective to have an evaluation UV-NIL hard mask fabricated and ready for imprinting by SNF's Dec. 19th Holiday shutdown.  This compresses a number of development projects, especially in the material selection and dry etch area.  

This request outlines the proposed process flow, material choices and tool selection.  The target date for design completion and mask availability is Dec. 5th.  By this time initial studies on the Cr hard mask and quartz etch needs to be completed.  Equipment training is on-going with etch development samples available by Friday, Nov. 21st.

I hope you can provide a quick response and guidance as this program rapidly gathers momentum.


Ed Myers
GenoRx, Inc.
3916 Trust Way
Hayward, CA 94545
phone: (510) 732-9100 ext. 117
email: emyers at genorx.com
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