UV-NIL New Process Request

Edward Myers emyers at genorx.com
Wed Nov 19 15:20:23 PST 2003


Yes, I have 4 inch round's I'm working with.  They are waiting for 
deposition at this time.  I have time on the AMT for Thursday 
afternoon to do my first etch tests.  I will have four wafers, so I 
would also like to test the via etch that you also mentioned. 

I will try and find you to get your insight on the NF3 process.


On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:15:22 -0800
  Jim McVittie <mcvittie at snf.stanford.edu> wrote:
>I just wanted to write down what we talked about yesterday. You are
>going to get round 4" quartz wafers with a Cr pattern and do etch 
>in the Amat etcher (8100) starting with a the standard NF3 etch 
>I have some notes on the NF3 process, which I can give you, but they 
>on Si etch issues where the etch profile is strongly dependent on the 
>    Jim
>Edward Myers wrote:
>> New Materials Request Board, GenoRx has committed to a program on 
>> evaluation NanoImprint Lithography.  UV-NIL has the potential to be
>> very critical to our company and has become a high priority.  It is
>> our objective to have an evaluation UV-NIL hard mask fabricated and
>> ready for imprinting by SNF's Dec. 19th Holiday shutdown.  This
>> compresses a number of development projects, especially in the
>> material selection and dry etch area. This request outlines the
>> proposed process flow, material choices and tool selection.  The
>> target date for design completion and mask availability is Dec. 5th.
>> By this time initial studies on the Cr hard mask and quartz etch 
>> to be completed.  Equipment training is on-going with etch 
>> samples available by Friday, Nov. 21st. I hope you can provide a 
>> response and guidance as this program rapidly gathers
>> momentum. Regards, Ed MyersGenoRx, Inc.3916 Trust WayHayward, CA
>> 94545phone: (510) 732-9100 ext. 117email: emyers at genorx.com

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