Shipley 1805 and developer 351

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Tue Apr 13 08:30:51 PDT 2004

Hi Lan,

Go ahead and order your chemicals. You need to obtain a yellow labels
from me for both resist and developer.
The resist can be manually spun at svg coater, headway and laurell ( you
Developer can be used at webmisel.  when you get the chemicals  I like
to borrow some to do a experiment.
Please put a copy of develoer MSDS in the binder.


Lan Zhang wrote:

>  Hi, I sent a request for Cr14 wet etchant early and found SNF has
> Cr14.  I would like to withdraw the request.  Sorry for the
> confusion. I talked to Mahnaz about using Shipley S1805 and 351
> developer this morning.  S1805's MSDS can be found at MSDS binder and
> 351 developer is similiar to other Shipley's developer in the lab.
> The MSDS of 351 developer is included.  Let me know if you have
> questions. Thanks,Lan
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