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Dear Jim McVittie,

Thanks for the reply and I really appreciate your offering advice to us.

Here is the brief explanation of our process. 

First we use Drytek1 (Recipe: Resistsstrip) to reduce the thickness of
the residual layer of the pattern (made of SK-9: silicone contained UV
curable material) to be printed by back etching.

Then we place the pattern on top of Aluminum or Oxide layer using very
thin (about 0.5-3um) adhesive (MB300 or use SK-9 again) layer. These
patterns are used as an etching mask for patterning (i) Aluminum or (ii)
Oxide layer.

(i) For Patterning Aluminum layer (20nm in thickness), we are thinking
about using AMT 8100 Plasma Etcher (amtetcher). Another way for
patterning Aluminum is using wet etcher (wbmetal). Just before using
wbmetal, Wafer is gone through Drytek2 (Ultra Plasma) to attract etchant
(ii) For Patterning Oxide, we are thinking about using Applied Materials
Precision 5000 Etcher: p5000etch. 

Finally, fabricated structures are observed using hitachisem.

For more detail, please see attached files. I added the size such as
film thickness to the process flow I sent before.

Although we are using Drytek1 for thinning the residual layer, we are
going to use Drytek2 instead of Drytek1 to avoid sample contaminations
after the approval.

I heard you are very busy these days. But if you have a time to meet,
please let me know. I am happy to drop you by and explain our process
more and have your advice.

Thank you,

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Drytek1 is a gold contaminated etcher while the P5000 is a clean tool.
You either need to switch
your Drytek1 process to a clean etcher or  switch your P5000 to a
"dirty" etcher. Please tell me
what you what to do in Drytek1 and in the P5000, so I can advise you on
a solution.

    Thanks,   Jim

"Tetsuhiro (Hiro) Hatogai" wrote:

> Special Materials Committee:
> Here is the application for new material, MB300.
> Mainly we are going to use these materials in "Drytek1", "P5000" and
> "semhitachi". I attached the scanned MSDS for the material.
> Here is the information for the material required by following
> 1.  Requestor name: Tetsuhiro Hatogai
> 2.  Phone number: 650-799-5366
> 3.  Email address: hatogai at
> 4.  Requestors PI: Professor R. Fabian W. Pease
> 5.  Name of new chemical: MB300
> 6.  No other materials
> 7.  Name of vendor: Master Bond Inc.
> 8.
> 9. 154 Hobart Street Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
> 10. We would like to find materials that suit well to fabricate small
> structures
> 11. Find other material that is comparable with MB300.
> 12. Drytek1, semhitachi
> 13. 100ml
> 14. Liquid
> 15. No chemical is needed to mix it
> 16. Please see attached
> 17. Will not be used in the clean area
> 18. Storage group identifier = L, Main Hazard Class = 6
> 19. Should be enough room
> 20. It can be disposed as usual trash.
> 21. Process Flow:  Detail is shown in attached file.
>       Spin-coat on a silicon wafer and bond a thin film that has small
> structures on it.
>       (Spincoat will be made using spin coater that our group owns in
> Packard 076)
> Sincerely,
> Tetsuhiro Hatogai (Hiro)
>                         Name: MB300 MSDS p2.JPG
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>                         Name: MB300 MSDS p1.JPG
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>                                  Name: Process flow Al.ppt
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