Annealing Lithium Tantalate at Tylan4

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Aug 11 06:44:50 PDT 2004

Hi Jim --

Your proposal sounds fine to me.  I think, however, that this request is
for silicon wafers which just have this unusual film deposited on them.
Does this count?

By the way, we did have two furnaces in the saw room.  One appears to
have some irreparable damage to the electronics.  The other one's
elements have been burnt out.  I've been meaning to look into a repair
kit for the second one (they sell them, I don't know yet exactly what's
in them or if they make one for the specific model we have.)  Sigh...  I
should get on it!


Jim McVittie wrote:

> All,
> I propose restricting Tylan #4 to Si and Quartz wafers. If we do not,
> we will get everything under the sun. This tube is really intended to
> support the other processing done in our lab where there is a metal or
> other stable material on the wafer, which keeps it out of the other
> Tylan tubes.
> I thought we had high temperature air furnace in the saw room that
> could be used for this application.
>     Jim
> Lan Zhang wrote:
>> Hello All, I would like to get approval to anneal lithium tantalate
>> wafers in air at 620C with Tylan4(gold contaminated).  Please let me
>> know if that is OK. Thanks,Lan
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