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jim kruger jimkruger at
Mon Aug 16 11:07:28 PDT 2004

Request for approval of Y (Yttrium) deposition  in

Requestor:  Jim Kruger  (jimkruger at
Phone:	650-726-7260
e-mail:  jimkruger at
Advisor:  Cymer  (John Viatella)

1985 Las Plumas Avenue
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 259-7337 Phone
(408) 729-0277 Fax

Vendor e-mail:

This material is a candidate for use in the
Multi-Layer-Mirrors that will be used for EUV
Work at SNF would be limited to sputter deposition in
Metallica, determination of film thickness by Dektak,
Zygo , manual 4-point probe and possibly AFM.  Wafers
are to be sawed into coupons for tests outside of SNF.

Since Yttrium (Y) is already in use in SNF ( Innotec),
I don’t believe there are any issues.  The vapor
pressure of Y is very similar to that of Si.  Finely
divided particles of Y are reported as igniting in air
above 400 C, but thin films for Multi-layer-mirrors
are reported as stable.

Material form: Solid
I propose to bring one sputter target (1” dia. x
0.125”) into SNF and deposit  10 to 100 nm on 8 or 12
wafers.  Beyond film measurements and sawing, only
annealing tests (hot plate or Blue M oven) are

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