Couple of requests from MEMS Exchange

Nancy Latta latta at
Wed Aug 18 09:36:01 PDT 2004


The MEMS Exchange people has asked me to ask about two etch proccesses;
1) They have a customer that has nitride over Moly/carbon on a Si 
substrate.  They want to use a Cl process to etch the nitride and expose 
the Moly/carbon.  Any chance pquest can be used?  They do not want to 
use a flourine process.

2) Another customer wants to etch Al/3%Ti off a SiC substrate.  I need 
to check about the cleanliness of the sputtered metals, but the first 
problem is that the samples are 2 inch.  They are suggesting that we 
mount them to a 4 in wafer and use p5000.

Thanks for your reply,


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