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Thu Dec 9 10:40:09 PST 2004

Zheng --

I am going through the SpecMat files and cannot find an approval for 
GeSe in metalica.  We have a request from you for activating the Ag 
diffusion into GeSe at karlsuss, but no request for deposition in 
metalica.  Jim McV says he was unaware that GeSe was going to be 
deposited at metalica.  Given the problem that we had with the smell in 
the metallica area, we have real concerns about how this can be done 
safely.  Please do not deposit GeSe in metalica, as this is not approved.

If you would like to deposit GeSe, please submit a formal request to 
SpecMat, describing your process.  If you know of other facilities in 
which this is done, please provide information about this.  As your MSDS 
from Alfa Aesar shows, Se is toxic, so we need to be careful about if 
and how it is used in the lab.


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