Boron drive in question

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Dec 14 06:59:18 PST 2004

Hi Nancy --

Ed, Erhan, and I had a chat about this on Friday....  Just from a 
contamination standpoint, I think we're concerned that heavily doped 
boron wafers would outgas and contaminate tylans 1 and 2.  Preferably, 
the pre-dep furnace itself would be a better place to do the drive, if 
the time/temp are acceptable.

It's also seems that Erhan is trying several different things and is not 
certain this is what he wants to do -- he basically wants a boron stop 
for KOH etching and there are a couple of different ways he can do 
this.  His criterion is a process that will eventually be compatible 
with a CMOS fab, since they (General MEMS) hope to transfer their 
processes to such a lab.  It would seem that the criterion that we 
impose on allowing processes in our lab might be a good natural "test" 
of this.  

So, in short, do you think the pre-dep furnace could do a 24 hour, 1100 
C drive-in on an occasional basis without damaging the tube or other 
processes that are run there?


Nancy Latta wrote:

> Specmat Folks,
> I have a request from a student to drive-in boron, after a pre-dep, to 
> 5um.  By his calculation, this should take about 24 hrs at 1100C.  He 
> has proposed using tylan1 or 2 or the pre-dep furnace itself.
> Do you have any thoughts on other options?
> With the Dec shutdown coming up, a timely answer would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Nancy

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