Question about SCT materials policy

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Dec 16 07:10:55 PST 2004

Wups!  You are right.  As far as the furnaces themselves are concerned, 
there is no difference between Semiclean A and B.


Nancy Latta wrote:

> Folks,
> I have a question about the following new policy regarding SCT materials-
> d. Semiclean B materials (as with semiclean A materials) should use 
> the metal-side of tylanfga.
> Is there a non-metal side to the fga tube?  I thought all the boats in 
> that tube are in the semiclean metal A category.  Is this perhaps a 
> reference to tylanbpsg where we do have metal and non-metal boats 
> within the same tube?
> -Nancy

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