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We spoke with Jeannie, Eric Perozziello, and Dick Crane.  All are in
agreement that as long as the target must be non-magnetic.  NiCr is not
magnetic, despite the high Ni content.  Pure Ni, however, is magnetic, and
there have been several attempts to sputter this in metalica without
success.  It's been attributed to the particular type of gun used in
metalica.  Are the AlNi and AlFe alloys you are interested in magnetic at
these compositions?


gu wrote:

> Hi All,
> Good morning!
> I want to know whether it is possible to use metallic to sputter some
> alloys such as AlNi (with small percentage of Ni) and AlFe (with small
> percentage of Fe). I saw a NiCr target for metallic, it means Ni can be
> used in metallic. I noted that Fe Ni and Co can not be used for metallic
> due to magnetic shielding, but small percentage of Fe or Ni in the alloy
>   could be OK.
> Your quick response will be appreciated.
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