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Thu Feb 26 14:04:49 PST 2004

Hi Mary,

AlNi and AlFe alloys are NOT ferromagnetic, because the concentration of 
Ni and Fe is pretty low, which is around 3% at. There is no problem to 
get plasma on by using our targets.

Best wishes,
Gu Gang

Mary Tang wrote:

> Hi  --
> We spoke with Jeannie, Eric Perozziello, and Dick Crane.  All are in
> agreement that as long as the target must be non-magnetic.  NiCr is not
> magnetic, despite the high Ni content.  Pure Ni, however, is magnetic, and
> there have been several attempts to sputter this in metalica without
> success.  It's been attributed to the particular type of gun used in
> metalica.  Are the AlNi and AlFe alloys you are interested in magnetic at
> these compositions?
> Mary
> gu wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>Good morning!
>>I want to know whether it is possible to use metallic to sputter some
>>alloys such as AlNi (with small percentage of Ni) and AlFe (with small
>>percentage of Fe). I saw a NiCr target for metallic, it means Ni can be
>>used in metallic. I noted that Fe Ni and Co can not be used for metallic
>>due to magnetic shielding, but small percentage of Fe or Ni in the alloy
>>  could be OK.
>>Your quick response will be appreciated.
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