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Charles D Schaper cschaper at stanford.edu
Thu Jan 22 17:49:44 PST 2004

Tze Wee Chen submitted an application around Aug, 2002, to use
the material in the attached MSDS, a mixture of alcohols.  Another
student, Hiro, would also like to use this material, but we didn't
see it listed in the data base of accepted materials.  We would
like to conduct the experiments as soon as possible, and would
appreciate your attention to this matter.  We will repeat the
application just in case Tze Wee's application was misplaced, but
I believe there was some communication approving the material:

1.  Requestor name: Tetsuhiro Hatogai
2.  Phone number: 650-799-5366
3.  email address: hatogai at stanford.edu
4.  Requstors PI: Professor R. Fabian W. Pease
5.  Name of new chemical: Partall Film #10
6.  No other materials
7.  Name of vendor: Fiberlay, Inc.
8.  www.fiberlay.com
9.  2425 NW Market St., Seattle WA 98107 1-800-942-0660
10. Surface coating that is water soluble
11. No other material exists that can form as strong soluble films
12. Drytek2, headway, nanospec, ellipsometer, semhitachi
13. 1 pint
14. liquid
15. No chemical is needed to mix it
16. Please see attached
17. Will not be used in the clean area
18. Storage group identifier = L, Main Hazard Class = 6
19. Should be enough room
20. Material is water soluble and can be poured down drain
21. Process Flow: (1) Spin-coat on a silicon wafer using headway,
    (2) Detach dried film from silicon wafer,
    (3) Spin-coat resist onto dried film
    (4) Etch resist and dried film in drytek2
    (5) Measure film thickness using nanospec, ellipsometer
    (6) Measure cross section in semhitachi
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